Black Rhodium



Black Rhodium's USB cables have been carefully designed to offer optimal performance whilst maintaining a sleek look in keeping with the moderninity of your equipment.

All of our USB cables use silver plated copper as standard to allow for flawless signal transfer.  Alongside this we use 24k gold plated connectors for superior contact and to prevent damage from the environment around us and are well sheilded to protect against RFI and EMI which can be found in the places we least expect.

All Black Rhodium USB cables are avaliable in lengths from 1m to 3m and come as standard with our lifetime warranty.

Wave USB

WAVE USB cable is aimed at people who want a better cable for their audio files than those normally supplied with equipment but at a reasonable price.

It can be purchased in several different lengths to suit customer convenience.

  • Screened USB cable
  • USB connectors
  • Lengths available 1.5m
  • Type A – Type B Connectors