The latest version of the classic S9 integrated amplifier offers more power and a new aesthetic form, all without sacrificing its impressive tonal characteristics or its strong performance to price ratio. The result of our extensive experience in the design and manufacture of integrated amplifiers, the S9 is the perfect symphony between these both of these elements. The output stages of the S9 are similar to its predecessor, but the functional aesthetics and the use of different tubes take the S9 to a new level of performance.



Type : Stereo Integrated Valve Amplifier
Output Stage : single ended parallel A class
Output Power : 30W
Inputs : 4 line
Input Impedance : 47 kOhm
Outputs : 1 tape, loudspeakers
Output Impedance : 6 ohm
Feedback factor : 14dB
Frequency Response : 20 – 50000 Hz
Valves : 4 x SV572-10, 4 x ECC82
Remote Control : IR for volume
Power Consumption : 700W max
Dimension : 16.1 x 22.4 x 9.9 inch
Net Weight : 110 lbs