Tone Arm Cables

Tone Arm Cables

Designed for analogue freaks out there our ever expanding range of tone arm cables pack the punch when listening to your music the proper way!

Our cables are available in various lengths, and with varying terminations, why not give our cables a try and hear for yourself the benefits that they bring.

Stylus Tonearm Cable

Stylus can be relied to deliver very clear diction of a singer’s voice and to separate musical instruments superbly through a dramatic reduction of ‘Transient Phase Distortion’

‘Transient Phase Distortion’ is reduced by using thicker insulation than is usual in interconnect cables, increasing the distance between conductors. This reduces the magnetic field seen in each conductor wire as a result of the magnetic field created by the current in the other conductor wire. The benefit in listening is a clearer and more open sound quality.

Stylus uses two silver plated copper cores, insulated in low loss PTFE dielectric, for positive signal flows. PTFE insulation is used because its low dielectric loss ensures extremely low distortion due to dielectric absorption effects in which sound energy is absorbed in the insulation and released at a later interval of time to create highly audible time smearing distortion.

  • Insulated in PTFE for low dielectric absorption and clearer sound
  • Tightly braided screen to reduce RFI noised and distortion
  • All terminals rhodium plated for long term reliability and resistance to corrosion
  • Attractive black outer braid
  • Length of cable 1.25m – other lengths to special order.
  • Capacitance of cable (1.25m length). 85 pF