The ultimate 300B amplifier

A single-ended, integrated amplifier made for listeners who demand the absolute finest in tube sound


The only tube amplifier you’ll ever need.

Introducing a revolutionary new integrated amplifier from Western Electric. Meet ambitious, single-ended sound inspired by its famous predecessor, the WE 91A.

Experience double the power. A never before realized level of performance has been achieved with a completely new approach to SE amplifier design. Developed over five years, the 91E’s circuitry intelligently steers the parallel feed constant current source (SCCS), allowing the tubes to deliver more than double their previously rated output of 7-8 watts. You’ve never heard the 300B like this before.

Double the Performance

Full-throttle tube sound, made possible by patented smart SE circuit design

Inspired Originality

The first original product by Western Electric in over 15 years, continuing a proud legacy of quality, American manufacturing

Don’t Forget the Tubes

The 91E ships with new production 300B’s, the most popular vacuum tubes in the world.


  • The Western Electric Type 91E is a Class A, single-ended (SE), integrated amplifier for high-fidelity audio reproduction. 

  • The 91E was made for the Western Electric 300B to provide end users the highest possible performance and quality.

  • In the box

    • 91E Integrated Amplifier

    • Remote control

    • Pin-Straightener (9-pin)

    • 2x 300B Electron Tubes (Power)

    • 2x ECC81 Electron Tubes (Pre-amplifier, pre-installed)

    • 8 Ω Output Transformer Block (pre-installed)

    • Power Cord

    • Spanner tool (for removal and/or replacement of 300B’s)

    • BT antenna

    • End User Guide

  • Steered Current Source Technology (SCS)
    The 91E uses Western Electric’s patented steered current source technology. The unique parallel feed topology contributes half of AC current to the plate (anode) of the 300B by modulating quiescent current. As a result, half of the power dissipation occurs in the tube, allowing for a greater output power of 20 watts per channel. 

  • Stepped Logarithmic Attenuator
    A stepped logarithmic attenuator is used to mimic the response of human hearing. The attenuator consists of only discrete resistors in a ladder configuration that are switched in and out of circuit to produce a logarithmic attenuation of the output signal. 

  • Interchangeable Transformer Block
    The standard 8-ohm transformer block can be interchanged with the optional 4-ohm version. This feature is unique to the 91E Integrated Amplifier. Single impedance transformers maintain lower winding capacitance normally vitiated with multiple tap transformers.

  • LCD Display
    A bright and easy to read color display shows the selected input, attenuator level, and VU meter. The display also shows settings which can be adjusted by the included remote control. The display is dimmable. 

  • Remote Control
    The included infrared remote control allows for quick adjustment of amplifier settings such as input levels, balance, and display dimming.

  • Six Audio Inputs
    Up to six (6) source devices can be connected during amplifier operation. 

  • Auto-Bias
    Microprocessors automatically bias the 300B tube pair each time the amplifier is powered on. No manual adjustment is necessary.

  • BT Compatibility
    BT compatible audio input is available for wireless convenience.

  • Software & Firmware Updates via Ethernet Connection and USB


Weight 49lbs / 22.2 kg
Dimensions 18.9 x 15 x 11.1” / 48 x 38 x 28cm
Chassis Machined Aluminum
Colors Nickel, Champagne, Black
Operating Voltage 100V / 115V / 230V / 50-60Hz
Power Consumption (Operation / Standby) 160W / 0.3W
Mains Fuse 2A slow-blow
Electron Tube Complement One Matched Pair Western Electric 300B, 2x ECC81
Phono MM Sensitivity (10W / 4Ω) 0.75mV
Phono MC Sensitivity (10W / 4Ω) 70μV
CD Sensitivity (10W / 4Ω) 0.27V
CD Input Impedance 20 kOhms
Phono MM Input Impedance 47 kOhms | | 100 pF
SNR MM (10W / 4Ω, input 5mV) 83 dB(A)
SNR MC (10W / 4Ω, input 0.5mV) 73 dB(A)
SNR CD (10W / 4Ω, input 0.5V) 101 dB(A)
CD Frequency Response 15 Hz - 32 kHz (-3 dB)
Phono Frequency Response 30 Hz - 20 kHz (RIAA within +/- 0.5 dB)
Output Power / 4 Ω / THD 10% 2 x 20 watts
Output Power / 4 Ω / THD 5% 2 x 16 watts
Output Power / 4 Ω / THD 3% 2 x 14 watts
Output Power / 8 Ω / THD 10% 2 x 20 watts
Output Power / 8 Ω / THD 5% 2 x 16 watts
Output Power / 8 Ω / THD 3% 2 x 14 watts
BT Standard v4.2
BT Codecs BC, MP3, AAC, Fastream, APTX
BT Sample Rate (adaptive) Up to 96kHz / 16-bit
BT frequency response 20 Hz - 20 kHz