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"A Very Interesting Design"


Legally the company started in 1995 but the story begins many years before.

Back in 1977 when Conrad Mas, the founder and current Managing Director was just 16, a friend showed him a home constructed turntable, claiming that it was par excellence. Whilst seeing the limitations in the Connoisseur bd1 design he still bought it from his friend, starting an obsession to develop the best turntable, without exception.

For twenty years Mas led a parallel life learning about turntable design, as well as leaving education, having several jobs, getting married, starting a family and growing older.

Educationally he was not a success, but this became an advantage as his exploration into turntable design did not have any preconceptions, everything was examined and questioned, even if the text book said 'no'.

He decided that all existing designs were limiting true fidelity, typically because they concentrated on historical technical values of rumble and wow and flutter measurements.

Family connections gave access to two universities to test new theories, patents awarded and even obtaining work in a foundry to gain knowledge of castings, the goal has always been perfection and despite many setbacks the obsession never faltered.

Designed from a clean sheet, leaving nothing unexplored or unresolved and establishing a radical new design approach, the Acutus turntable was born.

In 1999 the first Acutus turntables were sold.

MISSION STATEMENT: "The Truth, nothing more, nothing less"

Since 1995, our uncompromising design and manufacturing approach, ensures the finest products available today. Modern manufacturing facilities, state-of-the-art computer design technology and large investments in materials research have turned bygone phonographs into leading-edge technology. With other mechanical, electro-mechanical and electronic equipment in development, AVID is a growing force throughout the audio market with a reputation for being "Closer to the truth".

Born from impatience with unjustified hi-fi hyperbole, we invested in two decades of developing a range of genuinely innovative engineering solutions to solve some of hi-fi’s enduring challenges.

Spawning a cult-following, AVID is now recognised as one of the premier hi-fi manufacturers in the world.

From a manufacturing base in Kimbolton, near Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, AVID products are designed and constructed for a world market. AVID engineering expertise is respected globally. Consultation, design and manufacturing services have been applied by other premier companies within the audio, automotive, medical and military industries.

Our precision and accuracy extend to every aspect of our business, from state-of-the-art CNC machines, accurate to within a few microns through to the hand-selected capacitors utilised in our leviathan power suppliers.

Each and every component has to pass rigorous inspection before being assembled and tested. Manufacturing tolerances are so tight that all parts are interchangeable with other units, unlike other companies that have to match parts, AVID manufacturing consistency produces perfection in both performance and reliability.

Investing in AVID gives you leading edge technology, performance and reliability from a company with a solid background.

Welcome to the 21st Century of vinyl replay.