The supreme range, beyond the limits.

« Dream is the name we wanted to give to our «Hall of Fame». It is a space where advanced techniques and our know-how rhyme with French craftsmanship. Based on the 3 iconic loudspeaker models of our company, this product line stands out for its innovative and proprietary technological solutions.

The 13 KLV5, our first loudspeaker (created in 1986), has undergone many modifications over the years. Here it is sublimated in our compact Olympia One Master 35. Accompanied by selected technical components and serious cabinetry, this little speaker will give you a great musical experience.







Some state-of-the-art technologies in discreet and modern enclosures.

« Elegant and slender, the speakers in the Courbet range enclose the brand’s technical know-how in a resolutely modern case. Nothing has been left to chance, as evidenced by the handcrafted manufacture of the crossovers (wired in the air, from carefully selected components), the use of composite membranes dear to the brand (carbon, aramid fiber ...), or even an internal wiring coated with Teflon PTFE . This line of products, which proudly claims a French manufacture in the rules of the art, will also know how to convince you by the balanced and realistic listening it provides.








Balance, subtlety under all conditions.

« With a Krypton series loudspeaker, you are assured of acquiring a condensed technology, in a compact volume, perfectly studied.

The most accessible range equipped with our famous composite membrane, you will feel the spirit of music through discrete speakers where every detail is revealed with accuracy, as evidenced by the many rave reviews in the international specialized press. Add to this a modern and contemporary design available in three complementary colors. The music flows.







Welcome to the world of HIFI.

« Nothing like ARIANE for the launch of a product line...

This line of speakers perfectly symbolizes the leitmotiv that DAVIS has been pursuing since its beginnings: to make high fidelity accessible to all.
Simple and elegant shapes, suitable materials (like fiberglass or cellulose pulp), Mastered filtering plans... all the good old technological recipes stored for years at DAVIS Acoustics are found in this series of products. With an Ariane, you will be sure to enter the world of high fidelity or home cinema on the right foot, without breaking the bank.








After a brief stint at Audax, Michel Visan joined the French manufacturer Siare Acoustique in 1968. He first held the position of engineer in charge of development and then technical director for 7 years. After Siare was bought by Harman, he decided to found his own company, and Davis Acoustics was born in 1986, one of the first brands to use Kevlar, carbon and fiberglass in the design of its loudspeakers.

As a natural extension of its drivers and kit design business, the brand released its first home speaker in 1993: the Davis Acoustics DK200.


Made in France

Davis Acoustics has been designing and manufacturing, in France, for more than 30 years, prestigious loudspeakers sold all over the world.

Today, this manufacturing is carried out in our unique production site in Troyes (Aube). This “Made in France” production is a guarantee of quality, particularly sought after by our various international customers

Our team, highly specialized, is able to produce transducers of very high technical specifications. We are proud to supply some of the most renowned loudspeaker manufacturers in the world who are looking for a perfect tuning of their transducers.