THE ultimate power solution – ahead of it’s time

No power – no sound: any audio or AV system needs electricity. It flows through each component of a system to create signals that drives speakers, amplifiers or delivers pixels on screens. Electricity is the basis for running every audio or AV system you can hear or see and the quality of the AC power grid has a remarkable influence on overall sound quality.

Consider the fact that AC supply in everybody’s home is part of a large electrical network. Everything connected to the grid from residential and commercial customers adds electrical anomalies to the AC signal. The AC grid is also used for data communication equipment. For normal electrical usage, these anomalies have no effect. However, for high-resolution audio systems, these distortions are audible and greatly limit the potential of your audio performance.


Creating your own AC voltage is the only way to truly address the degradations introduced by the AC grid.

The quality of electricity to be supplied to audio and AV systems has a profound effect on performance. This is the reason why STROMTANK uses high performance batteries in combination with a pure sine wave converter. That allows the separation of audio systems totally from the grid and provides a perfect AC signal.
This method is to be far superior to the typical approach of conditioning or regenerating the existing AC power signal coming from the grid. Only when a system is completely isolated from the AC grid you can eliminate the negative impact the AC grid has on sound performance.


Regardless of what happens with the electricity from the power company, your system is ALWAYS unaffected.

Due to developments and improvements in the audio industry over the last decades components like speakers or amplifiers became bigger and also more powerful. To separate such energy-intensive systems completely from the “polluted” grid the ultimate power supply for highest audio demands was created: STROMTANK S5000 HIGH POWER.

The HIGH POWER is an innovative battery array with state-of-the-art lithium-iron-phosphate technology: long cycle life, absolute safe and excellent high temperature achievements.

Equipped with two converters inside STROMTANK HIGH POWER offers top output performance of more than 5.000 Watts for most ambitious setups. It is even possible to use serval units for very complex setups to achieve outstanding results.

Audiophiles will finally achieve the next level of music quality with their AV systems
by using the independent power supply STROMTANK for clean and undisturbed grid power.

Premium home theatre equipment quality will improve both visually and sonically with the Stromtank.


Technology: computer controlled lithium-iron-phosphate battery array (LiFePO4) for long life
Storage capacity: 5.000 Wh
Nominal battery voltage: 24 Vdc
Input voltage range: 100 Vac / 120 Vac / 230 Vac / 240 Vac
Input frequency: 45 to 65 Hz (auto sensing)
Input current adjusted: 10 Aac (factory setting)
transfer time: < 15 ms, on grid to off grid
Output voltage: 100-130Vac / 200-245Vac (pure sine wave)
Output frequency: 50 Hz / 60 Hz  +/- 0.05% (crystal controlled)
Continues output power @ 25°C: 1.500 VA
Output power 30 min. @ 25°C: 2.400 VA
Peak power 3 sec. @ 25°C: 5.200 VA
AC output receptacles: 3x Hubbell duplex, Hospital spec. grade or  3x Furutech High performance Schuko sockets
Weight: 125 kg   /   275 lbs
Dimension (w x h x d): 48 x 58 x 59 cm   /   19 x 23 x 23 inches