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ESPRIT features a sleek design that compliments the excellent sound. The loud speakers’ clean and sharp lines are underscored by aluminium trims with concealed screws.

The floorstanders sit on a glass pedestal with adaptable spikes. The ESPRIT Ez speakers are desirable and aesthetic objects that fit in perfectly into your home environment.


The latest ESPRIT creation features a major breakthrough in mid-range driver technology, which creates an astonishing delivery of sound.

The mid-range driver, the key element of loudspeaker, reproduces the frequencies most audible to the human ear especially the lead vocal of your favourite tracks.


The ESPRIT Ez – series provides strong versatility both as a stereo system and as a home theatre system. Its vigorous performance makes it a perfect sound system for your television or home theatre installation.

The centre channel, VOCE Ez, is specifically designed to maintain the tonal balance in 5.1 configurations and give coherence and realism to the audio tracks of films and TV-series.

For the rear channels, the range offers options such as the HEYDA Ez satellites to create the full 360° surround effect, while the subwoofer THETIS thickens the sound, thereby providing a clear and deep bass. These products are designed with the sole objective of placing you at the heart of the action.




A real TRIANGLE trademark of technology and performance, the TZ2510, is the latest incarnation of a titanium dome in combination with a compression chamber. This technology provides high efficiency with low distortion and excellent directivity.

Studies from the Esprit project helped to develop a new profile of the horn and also improved the phase plug. It reduces the directivity and provides almost the same sound level throughout the room.

We have developed a compact engine with high magnetic power, by using a neodymium ring combined with an absorption chamber. The latter has been designed in view of stopping the propagation of the back sound wave and of reducing distortions. As a result, the high-pitched frequencies offer a more natural listening experience.

The phase plug reduces the directivity of the high frequencies and assures an almost identic sound level throughout the room.


Natural Cellulose paper cone

Made out of 100% natural cellulose paper, white membrane is used to avoid any coloration. It is combined with a small pleat peripheral suspension to increase the emissive surface area.

Special attention has been paid to a number of details in the development of the midrange: the profile of the membrane, the shape of the suspension, and the new dust cap, are directly inspired from the MAGELLAN project.

With the new ANTAL Ez, the mid-range driver increases to 165 mm to provide an even more open sound.


Overlay of textile material and fiberglass

The MAGELLAN program showed the importance of how the bass driver influences the behaviour of the medium driver. We control the cone so it efficiently muffles any resonance in the «upper bass» area.

Fiberglass was selected for its excellent affect on the lower midrange / higher bass.An ESPRIT Ez innovation is the overlay of textile material and fiberglass, which improves the rigidity of the membrane.

The speaker is equipped with a new chassis, which quickly dissolves the heat generated by the coil, and with a double ferrite to improve sensitivity.



To sustain the TRIANGLE midrange quality, while providing deep bass, we have developed a half-roll suspension made of foam and treated rubber. It provides a dynamic performance due to the low inertia combined with the cellulose pulp cone. The profile of the cone was also redesigned and now provides an extended frequency response.

Thanks to the new suspension, the bookshelf speakers in the ESPRIT Ez range provide a generous bass, all the while remaining dynamic.


All components used in the crossover have been selected due to their quality: copper coils with a diameter of 1mm and met capacitors. The signal is transferred by a TRIANGLE OFC cable, which assures resistance and quality over time.